If you dream it, you can do it!

1- Is it possible to change one member of the group during the competition for any reason?
Competitor change is strictly prohibited in order to prevent any violation or unfair competition after the start of the competition.

2- If we win this contest, what will happen next?
The contest is not project based, it is a real time competition. The winners of both categories of the competition will qualify for the national final to be held at Middle East Technical University this year.

3- When will we learn about the competition?
The competition will be announced to all teams at the same time after all competitors arrive in the competition hall.

4- How and by whom is the evaluation of the judge?
The evaluation will be carried out by a jury composed of representatives of sponsoring companies and SDU lecturers. Both the work done and the presentation to be made at the end of the competition are directly affecting the evaluation.