What is EBEC?

European BEST Engineering Competition is Europe’s most prestigious engineering competition. It is organized in three stages and two different categories with the participation of approximately 7000 students. 

What is BEST?

BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) is a group of apolitical and profit-oriented students who actively work at 95 universities in 32 countries, aiming to improve technology students in Europe as much as possible, until they graduate from college and engineering under the same roof.  


Süleyman Demirel Üniversitesi, Klüpler Sokağı, No:30

Competition Categories  

Team Design and Case Study are currently the official categories that EBEC

Team Design

It is expected that the problem given by the limited time and limited materials will be solved from the competitors. Competitors are asked to design a device that contains the basic materials already provided.

Case Study

Case; a case study involving certain facts and data, based on a real or theoretical work situation.
Positioning the current situation in this study, making various solution proposals and making decisions together with action plans is called “Case Study”.

Previously on EBEC Isparta 

Previously on EBEC Isparta

EBEC Isparta Team 

Özlem Soylu

EBEC Isparta Halkla İlişkiler Sorumlusu


Fahri Can Kesmen

EBEC Isparta Kurumsal İlişkiler Sorumlusu


Oğuz Kaan Yılmaz

EBEC Isparta Konu Takımı Sorumlusu


Nursena Demir

EBEC Isparta Ana Organizatörü 


Mevlüt Örenç

EBEC Isparta Sekreteri 





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