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What is EBEC ?

European BEST Engineering Competition is an european wide engineering competition. It is organizing in 15 different countries with the participation of approximately 7000 students of all around the europe.

What is BEST?

Board of European Students of Technology works in 33 different countries and 96 different universities. BEST; helps to students to develop themselves and improve their engineering skills.


Suleyman Demirel University, Street of Student Organisations, No:30

EBEC Isparta Competition Content

Our competition consists of 2 categories, named team design and case study. EBEC Isparta, which we have been organizing for 3 years, has 4 teams in total for each category. Every teams are competing with each other under the roof of EBEC to become the best engineering student of Süleyman Demirel University.

Team Design

The task which is given in the team design category is to make a device for finding solutions with the materials provided. 2 different tasks are given to the contestants for 2 competition days.

Case Study

In the case study category, participants search for a technical or managerial problem. 2 different problems were given to the competitions for 2 competition days.

Schedule of EBEC Isparta

Previously on EBEC Isparta

Photos from our previous competitions that we have organized in the past.

EBEC Isparta Team

Emre Eryiğit

Public Relations Responsible of EBEC Isparta

Erhan Huz

Topic Team Responsible of EBEC Isparta

Hatice Kıyıcı

Fundraising Responsible of EBEC Isparta

Kağan Karakaş

Secretary of EBEC Isparta

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